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Individual Therapy welcomes people and systems of all orientations. Individuals are guided and supported toward reaching their goals and finding greater fulfillment in their lives through gaining a better understanding of themselves, their experiences, and their relationships with others and the world.  Whether you have specific goals or are simply interested in seeing what therapy is about, this is a great step!

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couple THERAPY

Couple Therapy welcomes couples at whatever stage they are in, offering services to non-marital, premarital, and marital couples and couples of all orientations. Members are guided toward greater fulfillment both as individuals and as a couple.



All family constructions are welcome to family therapy. Regardless of the construction, family therapy offers a neutral place to guide members in developing healthy functioning among parents, between parents and their children, among siblings, and between familial generations. Family therapy offers a safe space for members to express themselves, to be heard, and to work toward healthier relationships with one another.

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